Hope Academy acquired the former Saint James Lutheran Church property in White Center, Seattle, Washington.The property is 38,848 sq. ft. including an open green space courtyard between the two buildings with sufficient parking spaces. The North Building (“St. James Church”) has been converted into the main center for the community, housing the prayer center for both men and women, a basement that serves as the multi purpose room, and also has the offices of the Imaam and the youth committee. The South Building serves as the location of Hope Academy’s Private K-8 School. The south building has a total of 9 rooms that on the weekdays serves the students that attend the school. On the weekends it is used for Quran Programs.

  • School: Hope Academy is a State of WA approved private school that teaches Quran, Islamic studies, math, science, social studies, and English. ­­The school’s main focus is to provide children with an Islamic environment in which they can be proud of their identities as muslims. Hope Academy is proud of its students’ achievements who have graduated. They attended, Aviation High School, High Schools; Cleveland, Roosevelt and Franklin Bellevue College, Seattle Community Colleges and the University of Washington just to name a few.